1. Snappy Little Sampler

  2. Que No Quede Huella b/w Back To You (Version)
    Roka Hueka

  3. Staycation: The Early SPELLS Demos
    Charlie Continental

  4. Singles Still Steady
    Young Hellions

  5. A Taste
    Lost Walks

  6. The Coming Collapse
    Foxhall Stacks

  7. Takings & Leavings
    State Drugs

  8. Charlie & The Shithead Take It Down A Notch, Part I

  9. Goodnight Maurice b/w Big Guy, Big Day

  10. We Like What You Like

  11. Long Drives/Dark Nights
    Lawsuit Models

  12. The Last Gap + Plastic Walls
    Dust Heart

  13. Come Howl With Us
    Charlie Continental

  14. Copy Of A Copy Of A Copy Of A Copy
    Foxhall Stacks

  15. EP2: Ether Waves
    Lightning Cult

  16. S/T EP (SLN-157)
    The Half Hearts

  17. Another Close Call b/w Dead Again
    Giggly Boys

  18. Quit Wastin' My Time (Smoot High Or Die Remix)
    Charlie Continental & Heaty Beat

  19. My Escape
    Bad Year

  20. Everything Has Gotta Change
    Black Dots

  21. Gaze To Bow/The Watchful Eye
    Low Forms

  22. Burn It Down To The Ground: The Complete Recordings
    Eyes & Ears

  23. Promise Me Endings
    Great American House Fire

  24. No Map EP
    False Cathedrals

  25. This Empty Space EP
    Modern Goon

  26. Between The Outfield And Outer Space
    Bud Bronson & The Good Timers

  27. The Anxious Little Friends Companion

  28. Split (SLN-144)
    Bud Bronson & The Good Timers/Benchmarks

  29. Split (SLN-143)
    Great American House Fire/Sophisticated Boom Boom

  30. Trashionista!
    Friends Of Cesar Romero

  31. Loose Change, Vol. 1

  32. Volcom Sessions EP
    Dirty Few

  33. Disco Graffiti

  34. Off The Pavement
    Lawsuit Models

  35. Jessica Don't Like Rock 'N' Roll b/w Walk Don't Talk 2 Me

  36. Big Boring Meeting EP

  37. No Monument

  38. No Poets
    Andy Thomas' Dust Heart

  39. Tape EP
    Bad Year

  40. Anthology
    Mail Order Children

  41. Staying In > Going Out

  42. Split (SLN-126)

  43. Time
    Charlie Continental

  44. Straight To Your Heart EP
    Sophisticated Boom Boom

  45. Dudeman b/w Hot Garbage
    Lawsuit Models

  46. Taste Your Medicine b/w KuKu
    Pink Hawks

  47. Set 'Em Free Split
    Dirty Few/Rootbeer And Mermentau

  48. Squeeze b/w W.H.I.D.?

  49. The Serpent Between The Stars
    Empty Palace

  50. Cannonball Lecture b/w Even Ghosts Perish

  51. Jet Set b/w iA Huevo!

  52. At Sea/Land Locked EP

  53. Split (SLN-115)
    Glass Hits/Accordion Crimes

  54. The Hold b/w Teisco Telstar Stomp
    Friends Of Cesar Romero

  55. Double Cassingle (SLN-112)
    Shining Wires

  56. Double Cassingle (SLN-113)

  57. Better Never Than Late
    Glass Hits

  58. How To Become A Ghost

  59. Take Time/Slice Away

  60. What's Hip (Long Walk) b/w World War Ay Ay Ay (Alright)
    The Knew

  61. S/T EP (SLN-106)
    Empty Palace

  62. Red Headed Strangler b/w Tammys Of Tomorrow
    Friends Of Cesar Romero

  63. The Shallows b/w 100 Acre Slingshot

  64. Messin' Around b/w Hard Lessons
    The Manxx

  65. History Of Flags EP
    25 Rifles

  66. Split (SLN-101)
    Eyes & Ears/Snake Mountain


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Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings is a semi-professional and fully-awesome record label out of lovely Denver, CO.

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