1. Snappy Little Sampler

  2. Anthology
    Mail Order Children

  3. Staying In > Going Out

  4. Split Cassingle

  5. Time
    Charlie Continental

  6. Straight To Your Heart EP
    Sophisticated Boom Boom

  7. Dudeman b/w Hot Garbage
    Lawsuit Models

  8. Taste Your Medicine b/w KuKu 12"
    Pink Hawks

  9. Set 'Em Free Split 7"
    Dirty Few/Rootbeer And Mermentau

  10. Squeeze b/w W.H.I.D.?

  11. The Serpent Between The Stars
    Empty Palace

  12. Cannonball Lecture b/w Even Ghosts Perish

  13. Jet Set b/w iA Huevo!

  14. At Sea/Land Locked EP

  15. Split 7" (SLN-115)
    Glass Hits/Accordion Crimes

  16. The Hold b/w Teisco Telstar Stomp
    Friends Of Cesar Romero

  17. Double Cassingle (SLN-112)
    Shining Wires

  18. Double Cassingle (SLN-113)

  19. Better Never Than Late
    Glass Hits

  20. How To Become A Ghost

  21. Take Time/Slice Away

  22. What's Hip (Long Walk) b/w World War Ay Ay Ay (Alright)
    The Knew

  23. S/T EP (SLN-106)
    Empty Palace

  24. Red Headed Strangler b/w Tammys Of Tomorrow
    Friends Of Cesar Romero

  25. The Shallows b/w 100 Acre Slingshot

  26. Messin' Around b/w Hard Lessons
    The Manxx

  27. History Of Flags EP
    25 Rifles

  28. Split 7" (SLN-101)
    Eyes & Ears/Snake Mountain

  29. Back Window + Second Home

  30. Bustin' Out

  31. The Hive + Poor And Weird

  32. Asphalt Navajo + At Night

  33. Even Assholes Have Their Day + Maybe's Martyr

  34. Forget About Virginia

  35. Another Sword EP
    25 Rifles

  36. Caution:Bang
    Mustangs And Madras

  37. Vacation Sensation!
    Eyes & Ears

  38. Silver Ceiling
    On Holiday

  39. Singles Still Steady
    Young Hellions

  40. Not Bad World Industries Anthology 1997-2010

  41. Abandoned Tracks
    Line Of Descent

  42. Midnight On The Mainland Bonus Demos
    Big Timber

  43. S/T EP (2004)
    Mustangs And Madras

  44. Singles Series #2
    Zombie Zombie

  45. Sisyphean Slope + 2
    Pariah Caste

  46. Best Of '84-'89 Volume II
    Five Day Messiah

  47. S/T EP (7 Lucky)
    Still Left Standing

  48. Demolition
    Sirr Issac Lyme

  49. 1999 Tour Cassette
    The Facet

  50. Twice As Nice
    Five Day Messiah/Stupid HumIn Tricks

  51. Dead Scene
    The Messyhairs

  52. Put 'Er There


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Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings is a semi-professional and fully-awesome record label out of lovely Denver, CO.

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